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Dear Standard Life and Co-operative Insurance (CIS) Policyholders

I say the above firms have unlawfully been paying high commissions on low charging policies which I argue are unsustainable unlawful subsidies. Standard Life have paid over 22% of the first years premium on stakeholder pension policies with an annual charge of 0.8%. The particulars of claim attachment sets out the basis of my claim against Standard Life.

I only advise claiming if you have a legal expenses policy which often comes as part of building and/or contents policy. Should you wish to investigate making an adjourned claim, I suggest you print off the particulars of claim and send it to your insurance company and ask if they are prepared to lodge it for you with a request that the claim is adjourned pending the result of the High Court case, Walker v Standard Life reference number HQ09X00126. If your insurers do decide to submit a claim in the small claims court, it would be helpful if you could let me know.

For the avoidance of doubt, please do not spend any money on obtaining legal advice on this matter. While I remain confident that I have a reasonable prospect of success, my claim against the Co-op was dismissed at Central London County Court as the attached judgment. However, permission to appeal was granted and I will post a further update in due course.

I have written to the FSA about my concerns with the Co-op and been told nothing is wrong. Therefore, I am arguing that the law needs to be amended to allow financial services customers to bring claims in the small claims court as an additional check for when the FSA makes a mistake. Current civil procedure regulations allow a complex claim to moved to the High Court even it is for less than £5000.

Last year, the Co-op said of my claim in an allocation questionnaire 'it is very likely the claim will exceed £5000.' However, most claims will be for less than this, I had Co-op personal pension policies plus a mortgage endowment policy and child policies.

Yours sincerely

Andy Walker